Friday, December 23, 2011

Kipper Klaus

Kipper will always be tied in my heart to St. Nicholas. For it is on the Feast of St. Nicholas (Dec. 6th) that that crazy Brittany with the gorgeous brown eyes left this world.

He always loved Christmas, getting antsy (yes, antsier than normal) as the big day approached. On Christmas morning, he was always in the mix of the presents, waiting patiently for his and wagging his tail and prancing like a reindeer when he got his new bone or chew toy(s).

Here are some pics from Christmas' past

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lessons Kipper Taught Us

When I started this blog, much of the content was devoted to my Brittany, Kipper and his shenanigans. As we say goodbye to him, I wanted to share the lessons he taught us.

Kipper taught us to live life fully,
To love unconditionally,
To trust for no good reason,
To never give up hope,
To always look on the bright side,
To push against barriers and keep trying,
To laugh when you want to cry,
To dance when you hear a good tune,
To get out and run when you need to,
To treasure those closest to you,
To be contented with life as you know it,
To accept and enjoy this life and
To look forward to the next.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

What am I grateful for?

A warm, comfortable home
Plenty of food
A wonderful, challenging job
Beautiful children (those I've birthed and all of those in the world)
A devoted husband
Loving sisters
Great friends
My sponsor, Terry
Phones, computers, and letters that let me keep in touch
God who loves me, forgives me, redeems me and promises me everlasting life!
Time to rest, play, work, pray and exercise!
Birds singing outside my window
Projects and plans
Surprises when plans don't go, well, as planned
Craziness, sadness, grief, anger and all the emotions that mean I'm alive!
Days off work

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kipper's Kristmas

Kipper's Kristmas kame early this year. Walks every day, extra love, petting and treats along with many "That's a good boy." He got a new bed complete with red plaid because he soiled his other one. He got to spend a weekend at Uncle Bob's with a huge yard to explore, two young dogs to romp with and plenty of love from Aunt Barb who used to babysit him and the boys. Plus Uncle Bob is one of his favorite people. Ham, pepperoni, ground beef, swiss steak, NY strips, beef jerky --if its meat, we give it freely.

Kipper may not make it until Santa comes, so he's getting it all now.

We love you, Kip.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Change of Season

As life goes on we seem to move quickly through autumn to winter
Middle age moving us through the years like wind blowing the leaves
The cold tinge to the air as we mature and move toward our golden years
How have the children grown so quickly while we were living life
Why does the time seem to accelerate as the years accumulate?

The sun still shines and each day holds promise and surprise
Living in the moment ensures us we are making the most of our time
The sun sets sooner, but there is a comfort to the slower pace that
Accompanies the cooler weather and the sense of nostalgia
That returns as the season turns from fall to winter and the holidays draw near.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


What is it?

What can it be?

It's always something

I'm not accepting

that robs me of my serenity.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Crucifix Meditation

Hanging there you seemed so powerless

Utter acceptance of your Father's will

Courage to conquer sin and die for us

Knowing you would rise again.